CompLeadly is your LinkedIn tool from Germany,
which delivers new customer requests 24/7!
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After the trial period, it remains free!

What the CompLeadly LinkedIn software does for you...

Use all sales channels on LinkedIn

CompLeadly reaches your customer target group with and without cold messaging. Also, all methods provided by LinkedIn such as connecting, InMails, and following are fully utilized. Everything fully automated.

Automatic follow-up

CompLeadly automatically follows up on prospects, sends messages or congratulates your contacts on special occasions. In this way, CompLeadly ensures that you always end up in the memory of your target group.

Your even better sales rep who...

• never gets sick

• does not need a break

• don't want a weekend

• does not take vacation

• works for you 24/7

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Prospecting on LinkedIn has never been easier.

CompLeadly is not an off-the-shelf LinkedIn tool. In addition to our innovative software solution, our team of experts is always at your side to work with you to build a successful sales strategy on LinkedIn.

Whether it’s the target group analysis, the optimization of your profile, or the elaboration of your acquisition messages. We’ll show you the best way to proceed.

You take a break, CompLeadly makes contacts.

After setting up CompLeadly, you can fully concentrate on your day-to-day business. CompLeadly runs on your computer and constantly attracts new prospects for your business.
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That's what customers say about us

Marc Kreins
Marc Kreins
15. Mai, 2023.
Extrem gutes Tool um LinkedIn Anfragen zu automatisieren! 🙂
Stefan Englbrecht
Stefan Englbrecht
15. Mai, 2023.
Umfangsreiches und mit kleiner Einweisung leicht bedienbares Tool. Ich konnte sehr viele neue und -vorallem- die richtigen Kontakte finden.
Steffen Hepp
Steffen Hepp
13. Mai, 2023.
ein super Produkt und super Team das zu jeder Zeit erreichbar ist.
Wolfram Schetula
Wolfram Schetula
8. Mai, 2023.
Bei dem Team Compleadly wurde ich von Beginn an hochwertig betreut , Fragen werden jederzeit ausführlich und einfühlsam beantwortet und darüber hinaus konnte ich ohne Zusatzksten über eigenen Zugang systematisch weiter betreut werden, solange sodaß die Kontaktanbahnung echt verbessert wurde.
Sven Gosda
Sven Gosda
8. Mai, 2023.
Top Tool für die Vernetzung und Ansprache auf LinkedIn. Einfache Bedingung, toller Support und der Preis stimmt auch.
Wieland Reinhardt
Wieland Reinhardt
4. Mai, 2023.
Die eigene Zeitersparnis mit der gleichzeitigen Effizienz der Software CompLeadly. Man kann seine eigene Arbeit am Computer erledigen und CompLeadly macht im Hintergrund die Arbeit.
Adrian Frey
Adrian Frey
3. Mai, 2023.
Gutes Tool für Akquise 👍
Jürgen Unlandherm
Jürgen Unlandherm
28. April, 2023.
ich möchte gerne eine Bewertung für CompLeadly abgeben. Ich bin von dem Service und der Qualität der Arbeit sehr beeindruckt. CompLeadly hat uns bei der Entwicklung einer neuen Softwarelösung unterstützt und wir waren beeindruckt von ihrer Kompetenz und Professionalität. Sie haben uns in allen Phasen des Projekts unterstützt und dafür gesorgt, dass wir das bestmögliche Ergebnis erzielen konnten. Besonders hervorzuheben ist ihre Fähigkeit, sich schnell in unsere Geschäftsprozesse und -anforderungen einzuarbeiten und die richtigen Lösungen zu finden. Sie haben uns immer auf dem Laufenden gehalten und waren jederzeit erreichbar, um unsere Fragen zu beantworten und uns zu unterstützen. Ich kann CompLeadly uneingeschränkt empfehlen und würde jederzeit wieder mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten. Vielen Dank für Ihre hervorragende Arbeit!
Stefanie Weiss
Stefanie Weiss
27. April, 2023.
Support ist auf Deutsch und sehr schnell. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten zur Lead-Generierung! Ich kann CompLeadly empfehlen.
27. April, 2023.
Mega Tool - spannende Kontakte bereits generiert. Auch der direkte Support ist super schnell. Danke!

It's that easy

Ease of use

Our intuitive setup wizard in CompLeadly ensures that you can start making contacts in just 10 minutes. You will also receive step-by-step instructions from us on how to get the most out of our software and LinkedIn. Each of our features is well documented and easy to use. Should questions still arise, we have 24/7 support and a daily Zoom live call for our customers, in which we overcome all your obstacles.

Compleadly LinkedIn Login
Compleadly LinkedIn Login

Your advantages

CompLeadly does the same work as a full-time sales rep. As a human, you get tired and need breaks. CompLeadly reliably works for you all day long. Weekends, holidays, vacations or human error are a thing of the past. You get 60% more replies to your messages. You don't need to worry about your profile either. CompLeadly behaves like a real person - so your account stays safe!

Measurable results

CompLeadly increases your hit count and response rate on LinkedIn. Extensive statistics show you how high your contact growth is and based on these values we make suggestions on how you can constantly improve your results.

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Test CompLeadly for 10 days for free

With the 4 step method
“Connect ➔ Opener ➔ Follow-up ➔ Auto-answer”
CompLeadly requests interesting customers without obligation and receive dozens of new contacts and inquiries within a few days. Save on expensive agencies or employees

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The minds behind CompLeadly

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Sebastian Andes

CEO - LinkedIn Coach - Management Consultant

In the last 10 years I have founded two companies and built an online marketing agency where we help businesses get more customer inquiries over the internet without wasting money on advertising or having to do cold messaging. CompLeadly was born from this experience, with which you turn your PC into an additional sales employee who wins customer inquiries without any effort and annoying cold calling. And all that on the side.
Compleadly LinkedIn Tool

Philipp Krapp

CTO - Software Engineer - App Developer

In the last 12 years I have specialized in developing apps for companies that automate employee activities. This has already enabled numerous companies to increase their productivity and sales targets. With the knowledge we have developed a software for you that takes over the entire initial acquisition process on Linkedin, so that you can focus on other important tasks!
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Questions we are often asked...

Is the software allowed?

CompLeadly is legal software, which of course is also GDPR-compliant according to German law. Otherwise we would not and would not be able to offer our software.

Which costs arise?

Our free version always stays free. However, you can test all our premium functions for a full 10 days.

Afterwards you don't have to enter a payment method, you will be automatically assigned the free plan.

You can find the benefits and prices of our premium packages here .

In addition to our software, we also recommend a LinkedIn Premium membership. As our customer, you get this for 2 months completely free of charge.

Do I buy a subscription?

No! CompLeadly works for you for 10 days completely free of charge. You can use all functions without restrictions. We don't want your credit card or billing address. Only when you are convinced of our software, you have the possibility to book one of our fair premium packages.

Do I need a paid LinkedIn account?

Since LinkedIn limits the number of your profile views and profile searches with a free account, you cannot avoid a paid LinkedIn membership. However, we can recommend the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a lot cheaper. The filter options are better there than in any other LinkedIn account. And if you've never had a LinkedIn membership before, we'll give you the Sales Navigator for 2 months free of charge.

How can I set up my target audience in CompLeadly?

The target audience is created in the normal way in LinkedIn. The link from the browser is then copied to CompLeadly, where you can save an infinite number of target audiences. LinkedIn itself does not offer you any storage options for your target audience.

Is there a detailed support?

Yes! We will give you a step-by-step guide from zero to the perfect LinkedIn profile, as well as the steps to the perfect CompLeadly settings. Each function is precisely documented. Should questions arise, we have 24/7 support and a daily free Zoom live call for our customers where you can ask your questions, and we will show you 1:1 what you have to do.

Can I work on the computer while CompLeadly is running?

You can continue to work normally on the computer. CompLeadly runs in the background.
However, you should meet the following minimum requirements:

Windows & MacOS 8GB RAM

Linux 4GB RAM (Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

At least 1 processor core, eg i3, better i5 depending on what else is running.