Connection requests

CompLeadly sends personalized and automatic invitations to your customer target group.

Personalize your messages with your own placeholders for the day of the week, the time and the gender (e.g. Mr./Ms.)!

Connect with CompLeadly beyond the LinkedIn weekly limit! Depending on the target group, the conversion rate is over 20% - 70%

We'll show you how!

Automatic reply

If the contact replies, you can set up an out-of-office message that will be sent immediately. Your new contact will receive a direct message with a pitch, a question, etc., so that they can find out more about you and your business without you having to do anything.


LinkedIn allows you to send 800 free InMails to premium members.

CompLeadly is looking for exactly these premium members for you and writes them your personalized message. Depending on the target group, the conversion rate is over 20% - 50%.

We'll show you how to achieve that!

Auto messages

This function sends newsletters, offers and other updates to your target group incl. Attachments.

Visit & follow

LinkedIn explicitly recommends that you follow your target group!

Do this automatically with CompLeadly 500 times a day - 15,000 contacts are made aware of you and your business every month. The contact will not only be informed of your profile in their LinkedIn notifications, but LinkedIn will also send an email. Depending on the target group, the conversion rate is over 2% - 3%, which sends you an invitation or get in direct contact with you.

We will help you!


If a contact has accepted, personalized messages can be sent automatically.

If the contact doesn't respond, you can send up to 50 customized follow-ups. This is how over 60% of contacts reply to you!

CompLeadly automatically recognizes when you have received a reply to your previously sent messages & follow-ups and stops further follow-ups.

The replies from your contacts are displayed in a list, so you can keep track of them.


Most of the LinkedIn members have indicated their birthday.

Remind yourself by wishing them a happy birthday, good luck with the new job, and many more congratulations are available. CompLeadly also ensures that you appear at the top of the message list and don't get lost under the mountain of congratulations.

Personal support

CompLeadly offers you unique support, starting with profile feedback, so you reach even more customers with CompLeadly because you have a good-looking LinkedIn profile which attracts your customers.

All functions at a glance