Price overview

Cancellable at any time. You can test all premium functions for 10 days free of charge. After that, it will automatically switch to the free plan.

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What is included in the 10 days free trial?

You can test all features of the premium package. You also get access to our daily live calls, where we answer all your questions 1:1 and you can always send us questions via the support button.

Do I have to pay anything after the 10-day free trial period?

Since you do not enter any payment data, you will automatically remain in the free plan after the premium test period. There will be no costs! You can subscribe directly in CompLeadly after the trial period.

Is there a notice period?

You can cancel at any time! There is no notice period. If you want to cancel, you can easily do this in CompLeadly.

What are the terms?

You can choose between a monthly and annual term (-20% discount). The terms are extended by the same amount of time if the subscription is not cancelled.

Is there an onboarding?

CompLeadly has a setup wizard to help you get started with LinkedIn and CompLeadly. In addition, we provide very detailed step-by-step instructions and explanatory videos directly with the functions.
We also offer 1:1 training, which can be purchased.

Do I need a paid LinkedIn account?

Since LinkedIn limits the number of your profile views and profile searches with a free account, you cannot avoid a paid LinkedIn membership.
However, we can recommend the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for €10. There, the filter options are better for all other LinkedIn accounts. And if you’ve never had a paid membership before, you’ll get the Sales Navigator for 2 months free of charge.

How can I pay?

You can pay for the subscription by credit card, debit card and SEPA direct debit. The amount shown is due immediately and recurring until cancellation.

I have further questions or need a collective invoice

We can issue a collective invoice for you. Please contact for this purpose.

If you have any questions about our functions or prices, we are always available to you by e-mail or chat in the right-hand corner.

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