Smart Chat

LinkedIn Chat in CompLeadly

In CompLeadly, you can view the entire LinkedIn chat history and write responses. Filter functions allow you to specifically search for the latest messages from you or your contact, enabling you to efficiently manage unanswered messages.


The Smart Chat is synchronized in real-time across all devices, and if needed, you can share your LinkedIn chat with employees or colleagues without having to give them access to your LinkedIn profile.

This way, you can conveniently delegate work or have someone cover for you during vacation or sick leave.

Snippets and messages

Save frequently used messages and re-load them as required. Use placeholders for bulk messaging to contacts. Filter for specific messages, such as newsletters.

You can also send attachments to make your communication even more comprehensive.

Unique filter

One advantage over the standard LinkedIn chat is the option to filter for unanswered messages. This feature gives you a clear overview of all contacts who are still waiting for a reply from you.

This is exactly what many people miss in LinkedIn.

Efficient draft management

Have messages predefined by employees or colleagues and saved as drafts, so you can review and approve them for sending out.

Delayed messages

Set that messages should only be sent from a certain date, e.g. as a follow-up or for a birthday message.

Artificial intelligence

In the near future, the integration of artificial intelligence will open up further possibilities by creating and sending automated, personalized responses based on a guide.

This goal of fully automating the communication process on LinkedIn is at the center of our efforts to provide you with an optimal tool for your acquisition and customer care.

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