CompLeadly is your LinkedIn tool from Germany!
Your LinkedIn software that delivers new customer inquiries to you 24/7!

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Use all sales channels on LinkedIn

CompLeadly reaches your customer target group with and without cold messaging. Also, all methods provided by LinkedIn such as connecting, InMails, and following are fully utilized. Everything fully automated.

Automatic follow-up

CompLeadly automatically follows up on prospects, sends messages or congratulates your contacts on special occasions. In this way, CompLeadly ensures that you always end up in the memory of your target group on LinkedIn.

Your even better sales rep who...

• never gets sick

• does not need a break

• don't want a weekend

• does not take vacation

• works for you 24/7

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With the 4 step method on LinkedIn
“Connect ➔ Opener ➔ Follow-up ➔ Auto-answer”
CompLeadly requests interesting customers without obligation and receive dozens of new contacts and inquiries within a few days. Save on expensive agencies or employees

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Cancellable at any time. You can test all premium functions for 10 days free of charge. After that, it will automatically switch to the free plan.