Your additional sales employee who never gets sick and doesn't need vacation nor weekends!
Your additional sales employee who never gets sick and doesn't need vacation nor weekends!
Your additional sales employee who never gets sick and doesn't need vacation nor weekends!




Your safe LinkedIn lead generation tool
without need of advertising budget

Attract new customers and increase sales
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You want:
Get more customers and make more sales without spending time?

Send connection invites automaticly with adjustable message - personal and individual for your target audience

Building more reachout with your potential customers?

Our LinkedIn Bot automates the building of your business network with and without networking requests.

Attract 500+ relevant customers to your business per day?

Use the most underrated feature on LinkedIn: Follow!

The contact sees you as a new follower directly in his messages and follows you back, sends you an invitation request, or goes directly to your website! You can follow 500 times a day!
Automatically send 150 messages a day to your target audience without cold messaging?

Connection invites, InMails, Auto Messages, Follow Ups... etc. The list of possibilities is very long with our CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot!

Launch a marketing campaign without burning money in advertising?

With the CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot you build your reachout for your business automatically on LinkedIn!

Automate your sales but stay under LinkedIn's radar?

CompLeadly works for you like a real person, so you stay under LinkedIn's radar and your profile stays safe.

Automate your activities on LinkedIn now!

Why automatic customer acquisition on LinkedIn
with the CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot?

Save 6 hours of your daily acquisition work through automation!

Get 12 ADDITIONAL AUTOMATIC acquisition hours per day with no effort of your own!

Acquire without a break – every weekend and every vacation, 365 days a year!

Get 60% more replies to your messages, through automatic follow up!

The CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot behaves like a real human being – your account stays safe!

Safe to use

Human behavior

Random wait times, typing behavior, pause….

The CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot acts like a real human!

24/7/365 availability

Use the CompLeadly LinkedIn bot whenever you want!

We support:


CompLeadly maintains LinkedIn usage limits for you, so you’re on the safe side.

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Geschäftsnetzwerke durch Vernetzen aufbauen

Der CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot braucht keine Pause und schreibt täglich individuelle Vernetzungsanfragen an Deine Zielgruppe. 

Mit einem aussagekräftigen Profil bekommst Du so jeden Tag einen mächtigen Wachstumsschub für Dein Geschäftsnetzwerk.

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Build your business network through inviting

The CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot doesn’t need a break and writes individual connection invites to your target group every day.

With a meaningful profile, you get a powerful growth boost for your business network every day.

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Weltweit einzigartig - nur bei uns:
Ansprache mit Herr/ Frau

Du kannst Deine Nachrichten für Deine Zielgruppe personalisieren, indem Du unsere individuellen Platzhalter verwendest.

Einzigartig bei uns ist der Platzhalter für deutsche Ansprache mit Herr/Frau, die wir als einzige weltweit für den deutschsprachigen Raum entwickelt haben, denn das Geschlecht weiß nicht einmal LinkedIn.

Worldwide unique - only with us: Gender-specific placeholders

You can personalize your messages for your target audience by using our individual placeholders.

Unique to us are the gender-specific placeholder like Mrs. Mr. and everything else you can individually add

We are the only ones worldwide to have developed for you because not even LinkedIn knows the gender.

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot
CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Nachrichten an Dein Geschäftsnetzwerk senden!

Du möchtest Deinen bestehenden Kontakten einen Newsletter, Updates oder schöne Feiertage wünschen? Der CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot versendet automatisch Nachrichten für Dich an Deine bereits vernetzten Kontakte mit individueller Ansprache!

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Send messages to your business network!

You want to send a newsletter, updates to your business or happy holidays to your direct contacts? The CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot automatically sends messages for you to your contacts!

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Mehr Reichweite durch Kontakte
Besuchen und Folgen

Willst Du noch mehr Kontakte erreichen, dann macht der CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot bis zu 500 potentielle Neukunden TÄGLICH auf Dein Business aufmerksam, indem es Kontakte besucht und folgt.

Diese erhalten eine Nachricht darüber per Mail und bei LinkedIn, klicken vor Neugierde auf Dein Profil und folgen Dir dann entweder zurück, vernetzen Dich, gehen direkt auf Deine Website oder alles auf einmal!

More reachout through
Visit and Follow

If you want to reach even more contacts, the CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot makes up to 500 potential new customers aware of your business DAILY by visiting and following contacts.

They receive a message about it via email and LinkedIn, click on your profile out of curiosity and then either follow you back, invites you, visit your website or all at once!

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot
CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Vernetzungen automatisch zurückziehen

LinkedIn kann das Versenden von weiteren Vernetzungsanfragen einschränken, wenn zu viele unbeantwortete Vernetzungen ausstehen.

Der CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot durchsucht alle Anfrageseiten und zieht alle zurück, die in eine bestimmte Dauer Überstreiten. Du kannst einstellen, bis zu welchem Zeitpunkt zurückgezogen werden soll!

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Automatically withdraw invitations

LinkedIn can restrict sending more invitation requests if there are too many unanswered invitations pending.

The CompLeadly LinkedIn bot scans all request pages and withdraws any that exceed a certain duration. You can set until which time to withdraw!

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

Exportiere Kontaktdaten wie
Tel., E-Mail, Website uvm.

Exportiere die Kontaktdaten Deiner Zielgruppe wie E-Mails, Telefonnummer, Website und alle weiteren verfügbaren Daten des Profils.

Die Daten helfen Dir beim Nachfassen via E-Mail, Kaltakquise am Telefon oder beim verschicken von Briefen, Broschüren etc. per Post.

Export contact details like Tel., e-mail, website and more.

Export the contact data of your target group such as e-mails, phone number, website and all other available data of the profile.

The data will help you to follow up via email, cold calling or sending letters, brochures etc. by mail.

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot
CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

100 Nachrichten an unvernetzte Kontakte schicken?

Bist Du noch nicht vernetzt, kannst Du trotzdem Nachrichten verschicken!

Manche LinkedIn Premium Mitglieder erlauben es Dir, sich trotzdem anschreiben zu lassen.

Die Suche nach solchen Kontakten ist allerdings mühselig. Der CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot kann Deine Zielgruppe nach diesen Premium Mitgliedern filtern. Somit kannst Du weitere 100 und mehr Nachrichten pro Tag an potentielle Neukunden verschicken

CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot

800 free InMails to OpenProfiles per month

If you are not yet connected, you can still send messages!

Some LinkedIn Premium members allow you to be contacted anyway.

The CompLeadly LinkedIn Bot can filter your target group for these premium members and will send them free InMails without using up your credit.

You have only one gender as target group? No problem

LinkedIn itself doesn’t give you the option to filter by women or men.

Through CompLeadly, you can now filter your audience in gender as well, by checking if the contact is male or female.
This works for every function.

NEW: Now also find new employees & freelancers

CompLeadly can not only automatically reach out to new customers but also find and contact new employees & freelancers via LinkedIn.

With the two-step method (networking and follow up) request interesting employees without obligation and receive dozens of new applicants within a few days. Save yourself expensive job portals and the expensive recruiter account.

CompLeadly LinkedIn bot

Get the extra portion of success

For your special boost to success on LinkedIn, we can draw on years of experience to provide you with coaching tailored to your business and target audience, enabling you to take your LinkedIn sales activities to the next level of revenue.

Profi LinkedIn Profil

Learn how to build your profile into the perfect sales page to magically attract potential customers.

LinkedIn next Level

Improve your profile, increase your reach and learn with the right messages to attract many hot leads. We accompany you from the beginning to your first customers in 1:1 coaching!

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